2005 INDIA IN BALANCE Photo Gallery


May 30-31 Travel

June 1 India (at last)

June 2 Touring in Delhi

June 3 More touring in Delhi

June 4 By train to Agra and back

June 5 “Rest” day and travel to Chennai

June 6 First day in Chennai

June 7 Visiting the Working Women’s Forum (WWF)

June 8 Kanchipuram-Rural Institute for Development Education (RIDE)

June 9 Kanchipuram to Mahabalipuram

June 10 Rest day at the Ideal Beach Resort

June 11 To Bangalore (cooler at last!)

June 12 Bangalore Temple Crawl

June 13 Last day in Bangalore (and India)


June 13

Bangalore trafficI spent the day shopping.  At one point the car I was riding in took 20 minutes to go around the block!

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June 12

Lal Bagh botanical garden

Informational plaque

View of Bangalore from Lal Bagh

Hibiscusthere was a temporary display of 100 different hibiscus varieties at the garden.

Flamboyant tree

Massive kapok tree



Nandi (Bull) Temple

The temple



Gangadhareswara (Cave) Temple Mandalathe rest of this temple was under renovation so there wasn’t much to see


Venkataramanasamy Temple

Vishnu and Lakshmi getting marriedapparently, this is a ceremony that is part of religious rites.  A worshiper can pay the priests to do the ceremony, or is this a tourist thing??  The Hindu pantheon was a bit overwhelming to this monotheist.

The “wedding band”


Tipu Sultan’s summer palace


Archesthe columns supporting these arches were solid teak wood.

Wall and ceiling details


A banana leaf shopfood in southern India are often served on banana leaves.  So think of this place a “paper” plate store…

A snake charmer

Call center lobbywe ended our day with a tour of a call center—an example of work “off-shored” to India

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June 11

Nrityagram dance village temple

Nrityagram dance village temple relief

Nrityagram dancer

More about Nrityagram dance village:  http://www.nrityagram.org/

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June 10

The beach

Dining at Ideal Beach Resort Hotel

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June 9

Kanchipuram temples

Kalisanthar temple

Devasthanam temple images

Large column carving

Smaller column carving

Devasthanam temple tanktemple tanks like these are being rehabilitated for water storage in some areas.

Mahabalipuram temples

The Rathasfound buried in the sand, these unfinished temples were carved from single granite outcroppings

Rathas plaque

Shore templethis temple is right on the beach and has suffered from the elements

Shore temple plaque

A previously unknown temple uncovered by the Dec. tsunami

Scenes from the “Descent to the Ganges

Left side



“Krishna’s butterball”

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June 8

Drive to Kanchipuram

Sprawling industrial development

Rajiv Ghandi assassination memorial

Stone relief memorial to Rajiv Ghandi’s lifenote how this stone carving style, common in old temples, is used to display India’s ancient and modern life

Lots of bullock carts on the way and everywhere

Visit to RIDE

Women’s self help group meeting

We enjoy a cultural offering

Silk sari loomRIDE works to break the cycle of child labor—many children work on looms such as these

Break for a “banana leaf lunch”

Self help group federation meeting

RIDE “bridge” school in sessionthis school helps child who have been child laborers transition into the public school system

Part of another self help group meeting—it was almost dark as we were late to this meeting in a more remote village.  About 100 women meet with us—they were less disciplined than the previous group but much more enthusiastic

Homestay hostssome of us did overnights in villages with staff members from RIDE.  Lakshmi, along with her husband, was the host for my group.  I had left my camera on the bus, but when we were picked up in the morning, I got the camera out for a photo.  The camera was cold from the air conditioned bus, so it fogged up a bit.

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June 7

Chennai Beach fishing boatsthis community was hard hit by the tsunami.

Housing destroyed by the December tsunami

Making a net

It’s hot on the beach (aka Chennai hot dog)!

These fish vendors take part in a WWF microloan programsome of these women had to abandon their fish and run when the tsunami struck.

We are given royal treatment by WWF members

The WWF “bankthe women make their loan payments and deposit their savings here.

The Kapiliswarar (Mylapore) Hindu temple

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June 6

Chennai Beachthis, the second longest beach in the world, was struck by the December tsunami.

Visit to the Sisters of Charity orphanage

Child at the orphanagemost children who stay long term at the orphanage are mentally or physically handicapped.

Statue of Mother Teresa

Water delivery to orphanage

Very nice example of an Enfield motorcycle—probably a collector’s item in North America.

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June 5

Lajpat Nagar market alley (near hotel)

CNG Auto Rickshawbusses and auto rickshaws in Delhi are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).  This has significantly reduced the air pollution, but the brown haze in the are is still severe.

Heads must be covered in the Sikh Temple

Inside Sikh Templethe constant movement of worshipers around their holy book made it hard to get good photograph of the shrine.

Buddha in temple

Swastika in Buddhist templeswastikas are common religious symbol in India

Hindu temple next door

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June 4

Fatehpur Sikri—“temporary” palace of Akbar

Diwan Khana-I-Am where Akbar sat to hear petitions

Akbar’s council chambers

Akbar’s council seat

Panch Mahal—an evening porch

Musician’s stage

Agra Fort-regular palace of Akbar

Agra Fort entrance

Building in Agra Fort

Vineyard in Agra Fort

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Arabic Script on Taj Mahal

The crowd at the Taj Mahal

Marble inlay work like that done in the Taj Mahal

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June 3

Bahai Temple

At the Navdanya Group “café”

Rani Sahay’s presentation on water harvesting potential in the south of Delhi

The Yamuna Dam in Delhi

Black water on YamunaMajor amounts of untreated sewage enter this river in water-starved Delhi.

A “washyard” with drying clothes


June 2

Cow and temple during morning walk

Inside the Jama Masjid--large mosque in old Delhi that can hold 20,000 worshipers

          Jama Masjid portico

          King’s Gate of Jama Masjid

          Jama Masjid pigeons

Rickshaw ride in Old Delhi

Cremation site of Gandhiknown as Raj Ghat, the

cremation site for kings

          Close-up of cremation memorial

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June 1  India at Last

Our plane on the ground in Delhi

Delhi skyline (and smog!)

Hey, Isaac—a becek!

Group photo in the Hotel Vikram lobby, Delhi

Qutb Minar—our first tour stop

Description of the minar

Example of recycled Hindu temple materialat the site of Qutb Minar was a complex of ruins that included the Quwwatal-Islam Mosque.  Much of the construction had been done from stone taken from Hindu temples destroyed by the Muslim invaders.  In this example, the “graven” image had been defaced to make is acceptable to Muslims

Stone monument at Gandhi assassination site

Humayun’s tomb

          Humayun’s tomb description

Hey, Audrey and Hallathis stone grill is like those described in Shadow Spinner

Another tomb near Humayan’s tomb

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May 30-31 Travel


Kay, Robin and Jeff ready to go in O’Hare departure lounge

Miko, Jan and Eileen playing out an extra 4 hour (10 hour total) layover in Frankfurt

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